Welcome to the Florida Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists

Welcome to the Florida Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists

Welcome to the Florida Association of Clinical Nurse SpecialistsWelcome to the Florida Association of Clinical Nurse SpecialistsWelcome to the Florida Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists

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Consistent with the national organization, the NACNS, FAOCNS Affiliate exists to enhance and promote the unique, high value contribution of the clinical nurse specialist to the health and well-being of individuals, families, groups, and communities, and to promote and advance the practice of nursing in the State of Florida.

What Is a CNS?

 The clinical nurse specialist has been a part of the health care  industrial complex in the United States for more than 60 years. Through  the decades, the profession has become widely accepted in the health  care system as a standardized, licensed, and fully regulated health care  occupation, and one that significantly impacts the nation’s economy by  providing safe, low-cost, and effective evidence-based health care  services. 

NACNS Annual Conference 2020

The National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (NACNS) uses the association’s Research Agenda to determine topics of interest for its 2020 annual conference. Those interested in submitting an abstract for consideration will be asked to select a topic and address the theme of the conference (Transforming Health Care: Our Past, Our Present, & Our Future!) in their abstracts.


Topics of interest include:

  • Clinical Practice Application 
  • Pharmacology (
  • Health Care System 
  • Health Care Policy 
  • Health Promotion
  • Education

APRN full practice authority


House Bill 607

 In the state of Florida, there are 28, 734 licensed APRNs (NP, CNM, CNS, CRNA). 22 US states allow full practice authority for APRNs. Representative members of the Florida Coalition of Advanced Practice Nurses Council are in Tallahassee during this week's legislative session to advocate for House Bill (HB) 607 Healthcare Practitioners (APRN autonomous practice). This bill is on the agenda for House Health Care Appropriation Committee . You can watch the proceedings on the "Florida Channel" online  HB 607 was  heard in House Health and Human Services Committee at 12:30 pm 1/16/2020. You can view live on the Florida Channel. 

NACNS Conference 2019

A brief summary of some of the events.

  •  Conference Planning Co-chair: Sue Fowler (Orlando)
    Pre-Sessions: Pharmacologic management of alcohol withdrawl and delirium.
    Skills workshops: Suturing and Advanced Neuro Assessment
    Volunteering: Some of the Orlando Health CNSs volunteered at the registration desk.
    CNS Meet and Greet: Orlando Health and FAOCNS hosted to welcome members  and special guests such as Anne E. Hysong (Georgia), NACNS president,  Kathleen Volkman (Michigan), Fellow inductee Susan Dresser (Oklahoma),  Fellow inductee, others.

  •  Award: Sue Fowler, Orlando, received CNS researcher of the Year award.
  • Speaking: Angela Larson, Gainesville (Infection: CAUTI), Meghan Hoffman  & Pamela Duncan, Tamps (Symposium: Catalyst for Change), Barbara  Lennon, Orlando (Infection: Sepsis), Sue Fowler, Orlando (Panel: Tips on  Publishing, Other: New Grad Nurse Residency Program), Laura Arkin &  Ellen Reising, Orlando (Symposium: Total Joint Arthosplasty Program),  Marilyn Chrisman, Tampa (CNSI Luncheon: Panel), Vicki Loerzel, Orlando  (CNSI Luncheon: Panel).
    Posters: Suzanne Ashworth, Orlando (EBP  External Ventricular Infections), Angela Larson & Jill Bertrand,  Gainesville (CNS Led Nsg Grand Rounds),
    Inaugural Fellow CNSI Induction: Marilyn Chrisman Tampa, Patty Geddie Orlando, Tina Mason Tampa Daleen Penoyer
    An important message: Every CNS should register for a National Provider  Identifier (NPI) number, even if you will not be billing for services.  It is very important for all CNSs to be registered to show the value and  numbers of CNSs in the United States. Registration is free. There is  strength in numbers!
    NACNS 2020 (25th Anniversary), March 12, 14, 2020, Indianapolis, IN    



Florida House Bill 821 PASSES in Hearing 

 Thais Forbes 

Here  is the link to watch the House Health Quality Subcommittee hearing that  took place today Tuesday March 12, 2019 regarding House Bill 821:   (starts at 58 min, scroll forward to the hearing related to this APRN  practice bill)

October 19th Live FAOCNS Meeting


CNS's are licensed as APRN's!

 Read article by Theresa Morrison  and Patty Geddie 

APRN license and the Florida Clinical Nurse Specialist:  Expanding the Role’s Potential

Publications and Presentations


Member Publications:

Thirlwell, S., Mason, T. M., Davis, D. & Machowski, T. P. (2018). Integrating palliative care at the point-of-care: Development of electronic interdisciplinary plans of care for oncology Inpatients. The Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing, 20(2), 129-136.  doi: 10.1097/NJH.0000000000000416

Klein, J., Jepsen, A., Patterson, A., Reich, R. R., & Mason, T. M. (2018). Heparin versus normal saline: Flushing effectiveness in managing central venous catheters in patients undergoing blood and marrow transplant. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 22(2), 199-202 doi: 10.1188/18.CJON.199-202

Compton, E. K., Gildemeyer, K., Mason, T., Hartranft, S. R., & Sutton, S. K. (2018). Nurses' caring behaviors: The perception of patients with cancer at the time of discharge after surgery. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 22(2),  169-174 doi: 10.1188/18.CJON.169-174

Mason, T. M. (2018). Surgery. In Pike, T.  (Ed.).  Oncology Nursing, 4th Edition. Bridgewater, MA: Western Schools.

Mason, T. M. (2018). Clinical Trials. In Pike, T.  (Ed.). Oncology Nursing, 4th Edition. Bridgewater, MA: Western Schools.


Lennon, B, Stopping sepsis through bundles and huddles , Presentation  March 2019 

Cirillo, D. M., Hart, S., Mason, T. M., & Reich, R. R. Evaluating Alternatives to Standing Height in the Ambulatory Setting. The American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing 43rd Annual Conference. Poster Presentation – May 2018.    

Mason, T. M. Complicated Grief Associated with Caregiving. USF Health Research Day 2018. Poster Presentation – February 2018


Sue Fowler PhD NACNS Researcher of the Year  2019

Patty Geddie PhD, APRN, AOCNS AOCNS of the Year  2019

ONS Foundation Research Doctoral Scholarship - $5,000.00 (2018-2019)8.

2019 Inaugural NACNS Fellows: Tina Mason, Marilyn Chrisman, Patty Geddie,Daleen Penoyer.


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